AGA 2012 Result! (December 11, 2012)

The result of AGA's 2012 Annual International Aquascaping Contest was annouced on 4th November 2012. you can see the full result from the following link:


Unlike previous years where the Best of Show (BOS) were mostly won by champions from the larger tank category, this year's BOS went to a relatively smaller tank (28L ~ 60L), a beautiful tank by Leandro Artioli from Brazil. Congratulations:

Following are some selected results from members of Little Green Corner in this year's AGA contest:

1) Smaller than 28L category: 3rd Place (Robertus)

2) 120L ~ 200L category: 1st Place (Josh Sim)

3) 120L ~ 200L category: 2nd Place (Robertus)

4) 200L ~ 320L category: Honorable mention (Yeo Siak Wei)

5) 320L or larger category: 2nd Place (Yeo Siak Wei)

Congratulations to our members who did well in this contest.


ROAPLC 2012 Result! (December 7, 2012)

The Result of Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (ROAPLC) 2012 was anounced in 17 November 2012. Member of Litle Green Corner, Yeo Siak Wee, has won the Grand Champion with his tank "Gratefulness". The same tank that also won Gold Prize and World ranking no2 in IAPLC 2012. Congratulation to Yeo who has created a simply remarkable tank this year!

Following are the photos of the top 5 tanks in ROAPLC

Rank #1 (Yeo Siak Wee) LGC

Rank #2 (Diego Marinelli)

Rank #3 (Dmytry Parshin)

Rank #4 (Grigoriy Polishchuk)

Rank #5 (Robertus Hartono) LGC

Official result from ROAPLC 2012, rank 1-40: http://aquajournal.ru/roaplc2012/cnews.php?news=10

Official result from ROAPLC 2012, rank 41-110: http://aquajournal.ru/roaplc2012/cnews.php?news=11

Official result from ROAPLC 2012, rank 111-164: http://aquajournal.ru/roaplc2012/cnews.php?news=12



IAPLC 2012 Result! (December 3, 2012)

IAPLC 2012 was successfully concluded on 27 October at the NA party held at Tokyo International Forum and the world ranking of the most prestigious aqauscaping contest was determined. Unlike previous years where the world ranking was announced prior to the NA Party, this year due to the new judging/voting system, there are some added suspense and excitement during the NA Party because all the party participants and contestants around the world were kept in the dark regarding the world ranking until the final moment. 

Although there are still some flaws and debatable arguments in this new judging/voting system, but in our opinion, the results are still relatively fair and all the top ranking tanks deserved their placing. Following are the top 10 tanks in this years IAPLC world ranking:

World Ranking #10 - Xuan Thuy Nguyen Thi (Vietnam)

World Ranking #9 - Diego Marinelli (Itally)

World Ranking #8 - Kevin Teoh (Malaysia)

World Ranking #7 - Truong Thinh Ngo (Vietnam)

World Ranking #6 - Duc Viet Bui (Vietnam)

World Ranking #5 - Yutaka Kanno (Japan)

World Ranking #4 - Chen Song Pin (Taiwan)

World Ranking #3 - Long Tran Hoang (Vietnam)

World Ranking #2 - Yeo Siak Wee (Malaysia)

World Ranking #1 - Zhang JianFeng (Macau)

We have a new Grand Champion from Macau with his breathtaking scape imitating the Amazon forest as the World #1 this year. Mr Zhang also has excellent records in the past where he is no stranger to the top ranking. World #2 and the Gold Prize winner goes to our very own Yeo Siak Wei from Little Green Corner. Yeo has been one of Malaysia's top scaper for years and deservedly begged the Gold prize this year with his beautiful scape "Gratefulness" which is dedicated to his new born son. World #3 and the Silver prize goes to none other than the previous Grand Champion Mr Long from Vietnam with his futuristic and highly sophiscated scape and has been one of the hottest talking point in the world of aquascaping for months since the top 200 is being released. 

Congratulation to all the winners and participants. We have witnessed another amazing year in the world of aquscaping, the quality of this year's entrants are one of the highest in recent years, if not the highest ever. This goes to show that the IAPLC is getting harder with the ever increasing standard. 

On a side note, 2012 has been one of the best year in Little Green Corner young history in the IAPLC contest. Although our results still cannot be compared with other top aquascaping groups in the world, but we are extremely happy that all our active members managed to get into top27 this year and we have an unbelievable 7 tanks in the top 100. However, we are still a young group and still trying to learn from the world's best, we just hope that we can keep this good momentum going, continue to enjoy this hobby and share our passion with all the aquascaping lovers around the world.

Here are the result from Little Green Corner in IAPLC 2012:

#2 - Yeo Siak Wei
#8 - Kevin Teoh
#14 - Robert
#16 - Bernice Sim & Josh Sim
#49 - Josh Sim
#78 - Lucas Pii & Josh Sim
#99 - Kau Wan Ling & Robert

Official result from IAPLC web site: http://en.iaplc.com/results12/results12.html


LGC Top 20 Selection!(July 18, 2012)

ADA has released the Top 200 tanks for IAPLC 2012 on the 8th of July for internet voting. Top 100 tanks that receive the most votes from contest participants, selected ADA distributors/Aquarium store around the world and Aquarium Magazine Editors will move on to the next round.

You can view the amazing works from the top 200 aquarist around the world here: IAPLC 2012 Top 200:

Little Green Corner has selected our own Top 20 tanks from the pool as follow:

(in no particular order)


IAPLC 2012 News! Announcement of top 200(July 9, 2012)


URL: http://en.iaplc.com/results12/top200vote/index.html


We received the total number of 2,021 layouts from 63 countries and areas for IAPLC 2012. Top 200 layouts have been respectfully selected by the contest steering committee including the contest host, Mr. Takashi Amano. At the 2nd round grading stage, the contest participants, aquarium stores selected by ADA and aquarium magazine editors of the world will vote to the layouts from these 200 candidates over the internet. The 2nd round grading stage will take place as follow:

Announcement of Top 200 layouts at the 1st round grading
  Aqua Journal vol.202(coming out on July 10)
  IAPL Official Website (July 8)

The 2nd Round Grading Online Voting Period
  Open: July 8, 2012 10:00 (JST)
  Close: July 31, 2012 24:00 (JST )

URL: http://en.iaplc.com/about/voting.html


New Gallery Added! (July 1, 2012)

Josh Sim: Josh Sim Gallery

Kevin Teoh: Kevin Teoh Gallery

Robertus: Robertus Gallery